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Run through the streets and collect all the gold


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Talking Tom: Gold Run is a 3D endless runner that's pretty similar to the incredible Subway Surfers. In this game, you play Talking Tom and all his friends (Angela, Hank, Ginger, and Ben). Your aim, of course, is to get as far as you can while also collecting gold lingots along the way.

Sliding your finger to the left or right on the screen moves your character from side to side. But, swiping up or down makes you jump or slide on the ground, respectively. Using these simple controls, you have to dodge all the obstacles in your path: trucks, fences, cars, walls...

With the gold lingots you collect, you can upgrade Talking Tom's house. The more you upgrade his house, the higher the score you'll get. Also, upgrading the house lets you unlock new characters like Angela or Hank, two of Tom's friends.

Talking Tom: Gold Run is a fun and well-made endless runner, although its one drawback is that it's too similar to Subway Surfers and other endless runners. It doesn't really offer anything new, and even the graphics feel overly familiar.
By Beatriz Escalante